“We have been using Anteo tailgate loaders for the last 10 years, since they first became available in Australia. We have found them to be very strong & durable. They have stood up to our heavy workload very well & have impressed us with the strength of the Aluminium platform construction. They have certainly outperformed the ‘all steel’ competitors brand we were using previously.

The safety features have made OH&S issues a thing of the past with LED flashing lights & foot controls to make the drivers’ life much easier & other competitors green with envy. I can safely say that with more than a dozen now in our fleet, there simply is no other choice.”


Brent Miller, Victorian Manager, SRT Logistics

“Reliability is the key being an owner driver working overnight, that’s why I went with Anteo Tailgates. But what’s most impressive is the backup service provided. The crew of Anteo Service treats my business as important and they are efficient and dependable“


Jai Rivett, Owner Driver

“We believe that being the best means having the best. Anteo Tail-Lifts allow our drivers to carry more, load more and do it faster and safer. There was no other choice.”


Paul Wild, National Fleet & Equipment Manager

“The best part is the usability. The foot controls and self levelling system makes loading and dropping off so much easier for our drivers. Our drivers give the Anteo Tail-Lifts a really good workout, they just keep working and that means a lot to us.”


Dave Franklin, Managing Director, Micway.

“You never want refrigerated goods stuck on the side of the road. Between the 4 year warranty and road side assistance, you never have that concern with TRS and Anteo Tail-Lifts.”


Jeff Kettle, Manager, Hunter & Northern logistics.

“We recently made the switch to Anteo tailgates on some new trucks in the Southern Region of our business and couldn’t be happier with the choice and quality of the tailgate. Anteo was happy to customise the tailgate to suit our needs and delivered a quality product.”


Jeremy Collins, Supply Chain Manager, Tip Top Bakeries