F3RE-CL22 - CC

Capacity: 2200 kg.
"Anteo, always keeping in mind the customers’
needs and anticipating the future. Anteo
have manufactured a tail-lift which can be
used both as a retractable tail-lift, remaining
housed under the body when not required,
and as a cantilever tail-lift allowing unloading
to be quicker and easier than using standard
retractable tail-lifts. This model of Anteo tail-lift
has been developed with transport operators
in mind, particularly those on multi-drop work.
F3RE-CL 22 CC can remain stowed under the
lorry when the vehicle loads on docks or in
warehouses equipped with loading ramps and
can be used as a cantilever tail-lift when it is
used to unload the goods. The driver opens
the retractable tail lift as normal at his first
delivery, then uses the lift as a cantilever for
the rest of his deliveries, and stows it away
as a retractable after his final delivery or
on returning to his depot.Considering that
it is an occasional cantilever tail-lift and can
be regarded as a retractable tail-lift in every
respect, F3RE-CL 22 CC has the great
advantage of allowing the body manufacture
and operator to utilise maximum possible
lengths allowed."